Elders & Staff

Elders & Staff

Greenview is an independent church, led by a team of elders, who serve as pastor and teachers.

Elder team

One of our pastor-teachers, Colin Adams, is employed full-time for Greenview.  He is supported in leadership by:

  • Stephen Gamble
  • Andy Macdonald
  • MIke Mackison
  • Allan McKinnon
  • John Mowat
  • Vic Walker
  • Zach Watt

Staff team

Colin Adams, Pastor teacher

contact: colin at greenviewchurch dot co dot uk

Jacqui McKinnon, CAP centre manager

contact: jacqui mckinnon at capuk dot org

Zach Watt, Elder with responsibilities for Projects & Development

contact: zach at greenviewchurch dot co dot uk

Laura Porteous, Pastoral Assistant (overseeing children & youth)

contact: laura at greenviewchurch dot co dot uk

Kirsty McAllister, Church cleaner

Office telephone is 0141 636 1581.

Office email is mail at greenviewchurch dot co dot uk